Rom Anthonis

Armed with extensive industry experience as well as a diverse creative repertoire from capturing broody bands in their eccentric element to defining the raw beauty of portraiture through immaculate use of light and shade, Rom' photographic technique is drawn to the quirkier and more conceptual styles whether it be in studio or shooting on location.

With a strong background in graphic design, Rom has worked across the advertising and marketing industry as a studio art director and graphic designer at leading publishing houses in the US, UK and Australia.

However, his true passion has always been photography and its creative process.

Rom always has a camera in hand to capture the energy and ambiance of whatever city he finds himself in. 

Internationally published in prestigious industry outlets like Dark Beauty Magazine, Rom's portraiture work captures both the toughness and fragility of the human form by harnessing new techniques and experimenting with style light and approach.

Rom currently lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Julie and daughter Rhiannon.

When he's not on shooting, you will most likely find him at home submerged in his editing cave.